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Address Carrer Bergara, 4 / 08002 – Barcelona

Phone +34 93 301 32 32

Culture support

Literature and Music

We have been encouraging and promoting literature in Barcelona for almost two decades. Year after year we have organised the traditional Sant Jordi breakfast with the classic lunch for writers and the press, and in this new phase after the centenary, we are committed to supporting Barcelona City Council through the Institut de Cultura.

For this reason, we have the honour of hosting prestigious writers during the literary cycles that are held annually in our city. During these past years we have collaborated with the Ciclo de Novela Negra (Crime Novel Cycle), the Ciclo de Novela Histórica (Historical Novel Cycle) and the Ciclo de Poesía (Poetry Cycle). So open your eyes wide, because you might find yourself having breakfast with the Pepe Carvalho Prize 2018, or the Barcino International Prize for Historical Novels checking in...

From the very beginning of this century-old hotel, a beautiful black Yamaha grand piano occupied a prominent place in the lobby of the Regina.

In this way, music became the best of companions for our guests' gracious ears and even for the Regina's own staff. Throughout 2017, the property has been committed to promoting, week after week, and with live concerts, the support of music and young talents who masterfully cover the classics and give them a very personal and contemporary touch.

Although the cycle is now over, the Regina Hotel continues to promote good music and the initiatives that arise in the city.