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Covid Info

Health and Safety Guidelines


We hope that you will soon stay at one of our properties, and when you do so, we want you to feel as safe as you do at home, offering you an environment adapted to the current needs and in line with our identity.

Thus, with the safety of our guests, staff and business partners in mind, we have implemented a Health and Safety Plan based on institutional guidelines: 

Cleaning and Disinfection

All protocols applied in the cleaning and disinfection of all areas have been developed and approved in collaboration with our Occupational Risk Prevention External Partner, always following the recommendations of the health authorities and the World Health Organization. Additionally, we use approved virucide cleaning products that are respectful with the wellbeing of our guests and planet.   

Development and Monitorization

We have developed a specific protocol in each operational area of the hotel which aims to minimize or eliminate all possible risks, including regular checks to verify the correct implementation of preventive measures. 

Food & Beverage

We have implemented new processes and new service concepts that do not compromise the quality of our guests’ experience. All our products are supplied by certified suppliers and distributors 

Interpersonal distancing (social distancing)

The protection of our guests, employees and business partners includes several measures such as redistribution of spaces, control of room capacities and service schedules that guarantee social distancing. 

Digitalization Processes

We work with different applications to minimize the risk through physical contact and to reduce the waiting time of some processes. Additionally, new technologies are available at our hotels to limit the use of informational Physical media, also improving the guest experience and the efficiency of our teams. 

Development of new information channels

We consider that the access to information is essential in order to inspire confidence. For this reason, we make sure that even before arriving at our properties, our guests are aware of the measures that are in place and any other information that may affect them. 

Staff Training

All teams working at our hotels receive continuous training on every new protocol, with constant updates in response to emerging news, changing scenarios and the release of new information to ensure the well-being of our guests.

Additionally, our hotels apply the comprehensive system of measures established by Hospitality of Spain and CEHAT to face the Covid-19.

This set of guidelines is applied through concrete measures in each area of our hotels:

  1. Guest access and check in

The entrance and the lobby of the hotel receive special focus in the application of protocols with the aim of preserving the hotel’s facilities as much as possible and ensuring that they remain virus-free. For this reason, this space will be subject to an exhaustive control at the entrances, as well as the access and exit flows.

Control of capacity and interpersonal distance

Definition of a maximum number of people allowed to occupy an area depending on its capacity.

Physical signage to indicate social distancing.

Presence of disinfection stations

Hydrogel solution is available at reception for the use of guests. Disinfection of room keys, PDQ machine and all other tools and utensils is conducted after contact and use between clients.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Use of masks by the reception team and protection screens. 

Digitalization of Processes

We offer virtual visits via QR codes and there is also the possibility of an online check-in at our hotels.

2. Treatment of common areas

We have focused on a cleaning plan of thorough disinfection and have implemented schedules that intensify the cleaning frequency of common areas. We have established service dynamics that allow the required social distance. We conduct all cleaning processes with virucides authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, before reopening, all our hotels have undergone a comprehensive disinfection of all their spaces and facilities.

Exhaustive disinfection of the facilities and adequate ventilation

High frequency in the disinfection and cleaning of common areas, surfaces and furniture, paying more attention to the areas with more guests such as elevators, corridors and common bathrooms. More cleaning frequency of air filters and an increase in the level of ventilation of air conditioning systems to renew the air more regularly.

Control of capacity and adequacy of space

Redistribution and elimination of furniture to facilitate the cleaning of the space and to ensure that safety distances are preserved. Control to avoid crowds, as well as an exhaustive review of circulation flows in the facilities.

Disinfection stations

Implementation of disinfection stations with hydrogel dispensers. Gloves and masks are available for our teams.

Access to information

Displays at reception and common areas to provide general information about preventive measures and services are available to everyone.

Use of Elevators

As a common area with high level of traffic, special care is taken in the areas of access to the elevators. The number of people using the elevators is restricted.

3. Bedrooms

The cleaning and disinfection of the rooms is taken care of exhaustively, through the use of viricidal products approved by the Ministry of Health. This cleaning is especially rigorous when guests leave the room at the end of each stay.

Cleaning switches, knobs, handles, and other frequent contact points

Disinfection of windows, doors, knobs on cabinets and drawers. It includes a rigorous cleaning of all those elements with a high level of contact such as lamps and switches or the control of air conditioning. High disinfection of the in-room telephones, hangers and elimination of unnecessary utensils.

Treatment of surfaces and furniture, bathroom and adequate ventilation

Thorough cleaning of all surfaces with viricidal cleaning products approved by the Ministry of Health. Extensive cleaning and disinfection of walls and countertops. Special care of shower and taps, hairdryer, toilet and bathroom. Ventilation of the rooms while cleaning tasks are carried out.

Linens and towels

Washing treatment at a temperature above 60ºC. Removal of used clothing in a sealed bag to avoid contact with clean clothing. Removal of cushions for better sanitation of spaces as well as amenities and stationery.

4. Food & Beverage

New operational practices have been implemented to preserve the health and safety of our guests in our Restaurants. The redesign of our gastronomic offer and service formula ensures that these practices have not impacted and of our Food & beverage experiences.

Control of capacity and interpersonal distance

Limited number of clients in the Restaurant / Bar / Terrace depending on the available space. Reduction of the number of tables/seating and redistribution of space to guarantee social distancing.

Disinfection station and personal protection

Hydrogel is available at the access points to all areas. Waiters and service staff are protected with gloves.

Preserved food and delivery of breakfast box

Portion packed and individually ready-made products that do not require handling are available for guests who do not wish to visit the common areas. Distribution of complete breakfast / meal packs for individual consumption with the possibility of enjoying breakfast in the room.

Exhaustive cleaning and use of single-use materials
Use of sanitized tableware and intensive cleaning of contact surface and utensils.