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Address Carrer Bergara, 4 / 08002 – Barcelona

Phone +34 93 301 32 32

Stay Dual

At Regina, every stay is a timeless experience.
An indulgence of fresh ideas, classic tastes and new beginnings.

A hotel with over a hundred years of history in the heart of Barcelona.

Regina embodies the duality between the past and the future, gracefully blending the traditional and the modern
in an atmosphere of calm, yet close to the city hustle.

Regina captures its own contrasts and those of the city in its unique perspective: the double glimpse.


Timeless, classic, inspiring and full of calm. These are Regina's rooms.
Take your shoes off and feel Barcelona at your feet.


The place where Regina becomes Gina and invites you to enjoy its duality.
At street level, you will experience Gina's daytime energy: enjoying a good coffee,
a relaxed space for meetings and work, or a casual meal with friends.
When evening falls and night arrives, the Salon lights up with Gina's cocktails.
Additionally, once a month you will be able to enjoy the Dual Sessions: gatherings and talks between characters
where duality and the double glimpse are guaranteed.

Gina's Salon

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Gina's Patio

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Dual Sessions

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Bar La Esquina

Bar La Esquina lives inside Regina. 
A "bistro bar" restaurant, offering authentic Barcelona cuisine reinvented.
Time-honored tapas and dishes that are essential in the city's recipe book,
accompanied by natural wines, honest and suitable for all palates.
Right at the corner of Bergara and Pelayo Street, where contrasts and flavors embrace.


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