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Address Carrer Bergara, 4 / 08002 – Barcelona

Phone +34 93 301 32 32

Barcelona never stops; it innovates and reinvents itself on every corner, every alley bears the stamp of the new, the unprecedented. The city and its visitors move to the rhythm of the latest in gastronomy, art, and design. It's not uncommon, then, to come across spaces and proposals that feel like a breath of fresh air, breaking molds and expectations.

In this context, a selection of addresses emerges that, without boasting, are setting the pace for what is truly capturing attention in Barcelona. We're not just talking about places to see and be seen, but authentic discoveries that defy convention. From bakeries that turn desserts into true legends to shops that resize the concept of vintage, these are the coordinates where quality and originality converge, sketching new routes through a city that never ceases to amaze.



The cheesecake everyone is talking about (and lining up for)

Jon García's story is a clear example of how to turn a passion into a profession. From engineer to renowned chef, his bakery in El Born is now synonymous with innovation in the world of cheesecakes, with over 200 varieties that have captured the palate of Barcelona. The opening of Jon Cake & Wines in Les Corts is an extension of his philosophy, where wine intertwines with the essence of his cakes, in a space designed for 40 diners, proving that cheese can, and indeed should, be the soul of a cake.


 C/ de Gelabert, 42 



Hermes Showcase on Paseo de Gracia by Max Enrich

The Hermes flagship store in Barcelona is a must-visit not only for its incalculable fashion heritage but also for its architecture and design. Under the signature of Max Enrich, the new showcase celebrates the centenary of the first and iconic Hermés store in Paris, blending art and luxury in a display that captures both the elegance of the house and the innovative spirit of Barcelona.


 Pg. de Gràcia, 81 



Los Féliz: Elevating Vintage to Another Level

Nadia Pape, behind the Los Féliz store, brings to the Barcelona stage the most premium selection of vintage clothing that defies time. Her store is not only a testimony to sustainable fashion but also a tribute to the stories behind each garment. With pieces ranging from Moschino to anonymous artisan treasures, Los Féliz is a reminder of the value and inherent beauty of fashion with history.


Carrer de Cervantes, 5 



Moco Museum and its Concept Store

This museum, which transfers the spirit of its namesake in Amsterdam to Barcelona, has found its home in the Cervelló Palace. The inclusion of a conceptual store, designed by Isern Serra and Six N Five, expands the museum experience, blending contemporary and modern art in an atmosphere that is itself a masterpiece. With pieces by Warhol, Banksy, and Dalí, the Moco Museum has become an essential cultural hub.


 C/ de Montcada, 25 



Hotel Regina: A New Era

We have not only refreshed our image but reinvented the guest experience. With the introduction of Gina's, the new restaurant, and a complete makeover that embraces contemporary and timeless design, Hotel Regina invites visitors to immerse themselves in a environment of luxury and comfort, while keeping alive the rich history and pedigreed building.


 C/ de Bergara, 4 



Sessun: Bohemian and Craftsmanship at Cobalto Studio

The opening of the second Sessun store in Spain brings to Barcelona a space where fashion meets art. Under the gentle hand of Cobalto Studio, Sessun offers not only bohemian fashion but also ceramic objects and limited series from artisans. A commitment to creativity and beauty in all its forms.


 C/ del Consell de Cent, 300 



La Esquina: Innovating Catalan Tapas

Next to Hotel Regina, La Esquina offers a new vision of Catalan tapas. With a modern yet cozy design, this typical but not so typical bar offers a culinary experience that goes beyond the traditional, becoming a meeting place for both locals and visitors eager to explore the flavors of Catalonia in a relaxed atmosphere.


 C/ de Bergara, 2