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Address Carrer Bergara, 4 / 08002 – Barcelona

Phone +34 93 301 32 32


Who is Regina?

Regina has always been a character of its time, adapting to the needs of each moment since it was born in 1917, on the foundations of a regal building at 4 Bergara Street. The neighborhood was already known for its cafes, theaters, and restaurants, but the hotel fostered encounters between Barcelona's visitors and its citizens.

During the Civil War, it became an improvised hospital and played a crucial role in that tense context, only to reopen its doors to new guests arriving in the city of Barcelona afterwards.

Its own history is a map of contrasts and reinvention in which its dual essence takes center stage. From its privileged location in the heart of Barcelona, it has witnessed the city's growth, from the beginning of the urban renewal to its global recognition during the 1992 Olympic Games.

Under a beautiful modernist-style canopy, which still preserves as an invaluable piece of artistic value, the hotel has hosted countless Spanish and foreign celebrities. Actresses, singers, politicians, writers, musicians... all drawn by the tranquility, the comfort of its space, and its magnificent location.

Nowadays, Regina preserves the best of each era in a welcoming and tranquil manner amidst the magnificent vitality of Barcelona. Regina greets you with its heritage from the past, the modernist facade enclosing this hotel with contemporary grace inside. The Roig brothers, sons of the hotel's founder, currently manage it with their two personalities and two points of view. A double glimpse that is embraced in Regina and continues to enrich this dual essence.