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Address Carrer Bergara, 4 / 08002 – Barcelona

Phone +34 93 301 32 32

Foodies alert!! Eixample is celebrating because the iconic Bar La Esquina has reopened its doors with a twist that makes our mouths water.

And it's no wonder, as Alexis Peñalver, the wizard behind the stoves from gastronomic temples like La Pubilla and El Extra, has donned the apron to bring us a renewed culinary concept that deliciously collides the bourgeois cuisine of traditional Barcelona with the most authentic bar culture. The result? The new Bar La Esquina, a bistro with a taste of tradition and innovation.


Located at Bergara Street nº 2, next to our Hotel Regina, this new gem in Eixample welcomes us with its polished yet relaxed aesthetics, skillfully crafted by interior designer Bárbara Aurell from Espacio en Blanco studio. Regina guests, in fact, now have a new reason to return, as these two spaces are closely related.


Among its many successes, the new venue features an endless bar that surrounds the entire space, guarded by white tiles that brighten and provide that "classic touch." The terrace, some chairs, the large communal table, and the welcome station are the only surviving witnesses from its past. Maintaining these elements from its previous life is a nostalgic nod to those who miss the old times.


But let's talk about the dishes, what does the new Bar La Esquina bring us to delight our palates? You can check their menu here, but we warn you to prepare for a local product gastronomic experience that will make you forget about tablecloths and embrace the bar. In the early hours, the proposal is a hearty "esmorzar de forquilla" that will exceed the expectations of the most traditional with options like Spanish omelette skewer, Calaf sausage with Santa Pau beans and sautéed mushrooms and tender garlic, or a plate of fried eggs with sobrasada and honey or roasted bacon; for those who simply want a sandwich with the best local products, there are options for all tastes.


The tavern proposals will also seek to revolutionize your appetizers always with a vermouth in hand. Write down: the croquette with chicken and shank stew and the "ensaladilla esquinera" (La Esquina salad). It's hard to select a star dish when everything sounds appealing. From an Iberian pork roast beef that will make you cry with joy to a sea bass and sea urchin tartare that will transport you straight to the Mediterranean, each option is an adventure for your senses.. 


And as a good feast wouldn't be complete without its nectar, the wine list is a journey from the most "funky" to a classic Jerez that will make you sigh. All this, accompanied by signage that pays homage to those golden times of breakfasts and crosswords in the corner bar, by Dennis Studio. 


At Bar La Esquina, every corner, every dish, speaks of a story, of a Barcelona that resists disappearing amidst modernity and globalization. It's like stepping into a time machine, but with a glass of wine in hand and a plate of eggplant with sobrasada on the table. The menu, as dynamic as the city itself, promises surprises with off-menu dishes that will be renewed with the changing seasons, ensuring that each visit is as unique and memorable as the first. Don't forget to make a reservation!