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Address Carrer Bergara, 4 / 08002 – Barcelona

Phone +34 93 301 32 32

Gina's Patio

Gina's Patio, a little oasis

In Gina's Salon you will find its patio, a small oasis that some of Barcelona's buildings keep.
A duality of indoors and outdoors in which time pauses. The emblematic brick walls,
together with the green of the plants, invite guests to start the day with a leisurely breakfast.
Gina's Patio is also open for bookings for meetings, presentations or private events.


Starting the day with a good coffee and an Iberian ham sandwich is living Barcelona.
Bread from local bakeries, locally sourced cured meats, Spanish cheeses, and fresh fruit are the norm.
Adding some scrambled eggs or an avocado toast is to start the day with joy.
Let yourself be seduced by the aroma of morning coffee and freshly baked croissants or delight in our homemade granola.

Or if you prefer to have breakfast in bed, just ask for it!


A versatile space on the main floor of the Regina.
It's a restaurant with access to an outdoor area filled with plants.
A perfect place to rent if you need to hold work meetings.

Celebrate your event

A birthday? A family celebration?
Whatever your event is, at Gina's Patio, we will ensure it's unforgettable.