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Address Carrer Bergara, 4 / 08002 – Barcelona

Phone +34 93 301 32 32

Gina's Salon

I'm Regina, but call me Gina

You have arrived at the place where the traditional Regina becomes Gina.
At street level, you'll experience Gina's daytime energy. Active, genuine and outgoing,
where she connects with her guests and drinks a Martini.

In the morning, enjoy a good speciality coffee in a relaxed space
for meetings or a relaxed lunch with friends over tapas in Barcelona.
As evening and night fall, Gina's Salon lights up with Gina's reinvented
classic cocktails and seduces you with an intimate atmosphere that will captivate you with its duality.

Gina has reinvented herself after 100 years of existence, and you'll find her face in different places around the salon.
Her new look is inspired by a mysterious ancient stamp found in Regina's archives.